Senior Occupational Therapist - Band 7

Position closes on 31st March 2017

1. Clinical duties
To provide high standards of occupational therapy clinical care:
 To manage and be responsible for occupational therapy caseload in an efficient manner
 To prioritise the caseload as necessary and clinically appropriate
 To undertake complex assessments of pensioners with cognitive impairment, complex physical disabilities and mental health difficulties and new admissions.
 To demonstrate sound clinical reasoning and treatment planning within a OT framework and philosophy
 To provide skilled patient centred intervention at the self-determined appropriate frequency until, as able, all goals are met.
 To provide relevant occupational therapy education to patients, family and staff as appropriate to ensure high quality care
 To provide skilled occupational therapy services in close collaboration with all members of the multi-disciplinary team.
 To continuously monitor and re-assess patients for changing needs and goals
 To demonstrate evidence based practice by implementing current and up to date research, philosophies, equipment and modalities
 To utilise both standardised and non-standardised assessment tools.
 To identify unmet needs of the service user and refer on as appropriate to other members of the multi-disciplinary team
 To maintain professional documentation in accordance with standards of practice
 To continuously communicate with members of the multi-disciplinary team regarding referrals, treatment plans, patient progress, education and discharge.

To provide a highly skilled level of occupational therapy services to the pensioners of the Royal Hospital Chelsea as an autonomous practitioner.
Royal Hospital Chelsea – Lead Therapist (OT) JD –May 2010 2/3
2. Professional
 To understand and observe the Codes of Professional Conduct of the HPC and COT and observe Royal Hospital policies and guidelines.
 To work within and promote the Hospital’s model of person-centred care and the Therapy Services model of rehabilitation and skill maintenance.
 To ensure consent to treatment is gained before each intervention and maintain resident’s privacy, dignity and choice at all times.
 To be legally accountable for all aspects of own working including assessment, management of patients, equipment provision and documentation.
 To ensure confidentiality is maintained, and after identifying the need to share any information with a third party to comply with the Caldicott guidance.
3. Service and practice development
 To develop working relationships across agencies to include NHS and Local Authorities therapy providers as appropriate
 To critically review/audit current Occupational Therapy services and seek to identify opportunities to improve the service by providing the best patient care, within the resources available.
 To collate appropriate statistical data in accordance with departmental procedure and to produce reports as requested to capture performance targets and clinical governance
 To oversee the safe and appropriate use of Occupational Therapy equipment by staff and residents, through teaching, training and supervision of practice.
 To maintain own CPD and identify key educational opportunities and needs annually and to participate in the appraisal process.
 To assume delegated tasks as requested by the therapy managers relevant to the delivery of the Occupational Therapy service.

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