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NameDOBDOEDODRegiment / Corps
Albert Harvey Spurdin 15/08/1912 03/03/1978 30/12/2007 Royal Army Service Corps
Leslie Noakes 28/01/1920 26/02/1996 25/12/2007 Royal Army Service Corps
Vincent Arthur Osborne MM 01/06/1922 28/06/1999 10/12/2007 The Welch Regiment
Frederick Ball 06/06/1910 07/10/1985 10/12/2007 Corps of Royal Engineers
Bernard John Hickmott 25/05/1926 03/04/2006 26/11/2007 The Royal Green Jackets
Thomas Walter Scott 13/01/1912 17/06/1991 17/11/2007 Lincolnshire Regiment
James Walter Ernest Reddell 16/03/1910 10/03/2003 16/11/2007 Essex Regiment
Edward Charles Henry Meggitt 10/05/1915 21/02/1994 26/06/2005 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Thomas Flavell 21/11/1923 08/09/1997 07/11/2007 Royal Regiment of Artillery
Alan Robert Gilbert 02/11/1916 01/12/2003 22/10/2007 Royal Regiment of Artillery
Percy William John Duncan 01/05/1920 23/06/1997 11/10/2007 The Hampshire Regiment
Edward John Breen 02/11/1927 02/11/2004 06/10/2007 16th/5th Queen's Royal Lancers
Hywel Beazant 02/07/1934 31/01/2000 05/10/2007 Royal Army Medical Corps
Horace John Sherwood 27/12/1918 05/11/2001 02/10/2007 Royal Army Medical Corps
Kenneth Francis Mee 14/01/1917 19/08/1985 23/09/2007 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
William Thomson Lumsden 28/03/1928 22/04/1996 05/09/2007 King's Own Scottish Borderers
William James Hammond 13/07/1920 07/09/2004 05/09/2007 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own)
William Albert Parish 13/03/1917 09/07/2001 30/08/2007 Royal Army Service Corps
Brian Macauley Logan 11/06/1936 02/04/2007 26/08/2007 Corps of Royal Engineers
Anthony Tremarco 15/10/1920 06/01/2003 08/08/2007 Royal Regiment of Artillery
Herbert Arthur Brown 19/06/1918 01/11/2004 01/08/2007 Corps of Royal Engineers
Eric Michael Bernstein 01/02/1927 14/03/2005 27/07/2007 Parachute Regiment
Joseph Wynn Melville 25/11/1976 Royal Corps of Signals
John McConvey 16/11/1976 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
Albert Henry Blatchford 11/11/1976 Corps of Royal Military Police
Hugh Aitken 21/10/1976 Royal Scots Fusiliers
Thomas James Fenwick 19/10/1976 Royal Field Artillery
Gerard Byrne 17/10/1976 Royal Army Medical Corps
William Henry Cooke DCM 15/10/1976 York & Lancaster Regiment
Arthur Edwin Plews 07/10/1976 Sherwood Foresters


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Tom Jones - Live at Chelsea
Live at Chelsea, Magnificent Music and a Magical Atmosphere

For the last few nights, the tranquil setting of the Royal Hospital has come alive as three main acts and their supporting artists took to the stage for Live at Chelsea. The South Grounds had a festival vibe with stalls selling food and drink and guests picnicking before making their way to the auditorium.

Founder's Day 2019
Duke of Sussex Attends Historic Parade at Royal Hospital Chelsea

This year the Royal Hospital Chelsea’s annual Founder’s Day parade coincided with the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France and was attended by HRH the Duke of Sussex.


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