How your donation helps

Helping the Chelsea Pensioners cope with daily life and stay safe during the Coronavirus crisis

Like the rest of the nation, the Royal Hospital is currently unsure what the future will bring. You can rest assured we will do whatever is needed to keep the Chelsea Pensioners safe and well during this unprecedented health crisis – no matter the cost. However, many events that we have relied upon to help meet our annual running costs have been cancelled, leading to a substantial loss of income.

The coming days, weeks and months will be crucial for safeguarding Pensioners’ health and wellbeing. With your support we can ensure we have the staff, equipment and extra services we need to support Pensioners who are isolated or shielded or spending most of their time in their berths. Together, we can keep the Pensioners safe, healthy and better able to cope with life in isolation by providing:

  • additional social and leisure activities, to help Pensioners stay active and connected.
  • tablets and phones, so Pensioners can stay in touch with family and friends while isolated.
  • mental health and bereavement support for the staff and Pensioners.

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Re-Imagine - Chelsea Pensioner Art Exhibition
Military masterpieces – showcasing the artistic talents of Chelsea Pensioners

Last week, ‘Re-Imagine’ – an exhibition of arts and crafts created by the Chelsea Pensioners held in Wren House – highlighted the exceptional range of talent here at the Royal Hospital.  

Major Phil Shannon
Farewell to Major Phil Shannon

We prepare to say a fond farewell to Royal Hospital favourite Major Phil Shannon MBE


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