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Hi, I am the daughter of Ted who was hoping to join you as a pensioner whose application is o hold at the moment due to covid 19. Both of us wish you all good health and love at this very difficult time and also our sympathy for your many losses during this time.
Can you please pass on our thanks and good wishes to all the staff, carers and volunteers who have helped to keep you all safe and well cared for during the last 3 months.
Regards from Georgina and Ted

My name is [ ], I’m 14 and I’m a cadet in Strencall detachment, B Company. I joined cadets 18 months ago and enjoy it a lot. I like going outside and doing section attacks or just generally field craft. We learn all sort of useful skills like map reading, first aid and all sorts of things like that. Recently as a part of cadets I have been taking part in the “100 for 100 Challenge” in which members of the Royal Signals and its cadet detachments could choose to walk 100km in between June 1st and June 28th. We have been doing this to celebrate the centenary of the official foundation of the Royal Signals. As part of this I decided to climb up Whernside and also walk along the coast at Flamborough Head.
My other main interest is playing rugby. I have been playing rugby for Malton & Norton rugby club since I was 6 years old. I have always enjoyed playing rugby as it’s quite a fun game to play as it requires a good mix of speed and stamina while also needing strength and power meaning it has a very fine balance between the stronger guys and the faster guys. Personally I am a prop and so spend most of my time tackling and at the bottom of rucks.
At school I’m currently studying computer science, French, history and I’m currently doing a B-Tec in drama along with the 3 main subjects (English, Maths and Science). I really enjoy programming and just generally working with computers. I’m also extremely interested in history such as the Napoleonic era and the general 20th century. I find it interesting as to how everything was compared to modern day.
In the future I aspire to join the British Army as a part of the 216th parachute signal squadron because of their history in previous combat and the challenge of P Company. It is also because of my interest in computers as well as the fact that signals and radio operation are a necessity in combat to help people coordinate and allows them to be more successful.
I hope this letter finds you well.
[ ]

hi [ ] I am [ ] my nickname is Ambers i am also 14 years old. i was reading your letter and i also enjoy history and computers. My hobbies and dancing and running its my favourite thing to do. In school i am studiying history , drama, and pe i am also studiying french and and also along with 4 main subjects ( english, science, maths and religion
). I hope you get my letter. [ ]

Dear Chelsea Pensioners,
My name is Cadet [ ]. I am 14 years old and have been part of the army cadets for over a year now and really enjoy every night with them. At cadets, I especially like doing my skill at arms training and field craft. We also do other training such as first aid, navigation, physical training and drill. I joined cadets as I wanted an adventure whilst learning key aspects of the military and having fun.

Another aspect about our detachment is that it is part of the Royal Signals which my Grandad was part of since he was 15. During his time as a soldier, he met many Chelsea pensioners. He was a squadron Sergeant Major when three Chelsea pensioners came to stay with them at 28 signal regiment in Germany 1982 called Tom Osborne, Dick and Harry. After 45 years serving in the army, he retired at 60 years old as a Captain.

I am the youngest of my siblings, I have two older sisters. My eldest sister is a primary school teacher and my youngest sister goes to sixth form studying towards her A-levels. My hobbies include football, gaming, drawing and design and technology. During football, last season my Team came second in the County Cup. I have played for the same football team for nearly 10 years and my position is left back. Next week, I am hoping to start training as there has been no training since the start of the pandemic.

I have not been able to visit family and friends since the lockdown which I have found difficult. However, I live close to my Grandparents and visit them regularly in their garden keeping at a safe distance.

I hope this letter finds you well and that you are keeping safe during this awful pandemic. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Cadet [ ]

Hello, my name is [ ]. I hope your keeping well during the pandemic. I’m a member of the Royal Signals cadets in Strensall, York and I’m 14 years old.
I’ve been in cadets for 3 years, and it has allowed me to gain important life skills and qualifications like first aid and my Duke of Edinburgh award. At cadets we do all the military type lessons like fieldcraft and navigation which is fun. I am also allowed to teach lessons to younger cadets. Cadets is great because it allows me to go to different places, last year I went to Northern Ireland for 2 weeks where we did plenty of fun activities like mountain biking and shooting .
At home I live with my parents, brother and sister in York. The reason why I joined cadets was because my Dad was in the Royal Signals which inspired me to join them as well. I was born in Bielefeld in Germany whilst my dad was serving there, and have lived in many different places like Glasgow, Wiltshire and Colchester. My brother and sister have also lived in Henlow and Cyprus (my brother was born here). But my Dad left the army in 2014 and we now live in York where my Mums from. In the village where we live is a military camp which is holds an Army Medical Services Regiment where my cadets is based. It’s a really nice place to live as when the ranges aren’t firing we get to go where you can explore on walks and mountain biking with my friends and family.

I am in year 10 at school and I am doing my first year of GCSE’s. My favourite subjects are RE, Science and English, my least favourite subject is German because it’s too difficult. Since March we have been in quarantine, so I’ve not been to school and I am having to do my work from home. But from Monday 15 June we are going back to school for half a day each week to try and give us some guidance for our exams next year.
For the last week couple of weeks me and some of my friends have been doing the 100 for 100 challenge, which is walking, cycling or running a 100km for the Royal Signals 100 years anniversary which is on the 28 June 2020. So far, I have cycled and walked 53 km.
In the future I am considering joining the Royal Marines as it looks interesting and fun.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my letter and I hope you stay safe during the current issues.
Yours sincerely
[ ]

Dear Chelsea Pensioners,

You're probably wondering who I am … well I am a corporal at Lumley detachment, Yorkshire North and West ACF. September will mark my 3 years in the ACF and I have loved every experience and every journey with my fellow cadets. I've met many amazing people who have supported me through my achievements and made many great friends along the way.

My most favourite camps are when we go out for expeditions as it helps my navigation and teamwork skills when me and my friends go out in the fields. When I grow up I'd like to go into the Intelligence Corps in the Army, as many people in my family have been in either the Air Force or the Army, I have been inspired to join up.

I hope you are all doing well in these sort of times and I hope you all have a happy future.

Kind regards
Cpl [ ]

Dear Chelsea Pensioners,

I am writing to you today to tell you to keep up hope during these troubled times, as a nation we find it difficult to cope with this. Most of my family toll me its wise to stay active and keep up moral, but most find this difficult, some more than others but its good to hear from someone that everything will be okay. Those who have lost during these times will find it hard and maybe you are one of these people. If so try and stay happy until its all over. Personally I've tried cooking to help me pass the time. I hope you have your own hobbies and I'm sure they are most exemplary.

I hope you stay well and keep up hope.

Army Cadet [ ]
Castleford B company
Yorkshire N&W ACF

Chelsea Pensioners,

I am writing to you in these troubling circumstances to hopefully make your day just that one bit better. Every single one of you brave individuals have served our country and the things you have done will never be forgotten.

Although it is hard to show our appreciation to what you have done for this country and also through this letter. However, the ACF appreciates what you have sacrificed more than anything. On behalf of the Army Cadet Force we wish you a safe time during this pandemic and we are very grateful for what you have done.

Yours Faithfully,
L/Cpl [ ]

On behalf of the Yorkshire North & West ACF

Dear Chelsea Pensioners,

Hello! My name is [ ] and I am a corporal at Selby detachment, Yorkshire North and West ACF. I have been in cadets for the past 4 years and it has by far been the best thing I've done in my life!

I have learnt and achieved so much like: first aid skills, fieldcraft (my favourite!), discipline, leadership and I have met many friends on camps. Last year I was awarded the trophy for best cadet in the company and I am very proud of that.

The best camps I have been on are my annual camps. We were meant to have one in Wales this year but unfortunately it has been cancelled. Last year I thoroughly enjoyed my fieldcraft as we got to ambush the 4* cadre on a beach.

In the future I am going to join the army either as a combat medical technician or as a cyber engineer, those sound the must fun and beneficial to me! I also hope to go to Sandhurst and get commissioned as a second Lieutenant so I can lead people in the army

I hope you stay safe,
Corporal [ ]

Dear Chelsea pensioners,

I am honoured to be writing to you to tell you how much I respect and admire your service to our country and to ask how you are handling yourself in these difficult times.

So, I would like to know if you are okay and if you have got any new hobbies due to the circumstances. I have been doing school work so that I can keep up for year 11 and I started to learn sign language.

However, most of my time went into a marvel marathon, although there were 23 films it was worth it! I highly recommend them. If not friends the TV show is good. However, I won't bore you about myself for any longer.

I would love to know a bit about yourself and although it is hard to show our respects through our letters, it is important to know that your service hasn't gone unnoticed and the whole army cadet force owes you a big thank you.

Cpl [ ]
Castleford detachment, Yorkshire N&W


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