In this time of isolation the Chelsea Pensioners need your support more than ever.

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I was due a four day trip to your esteemed location but,unfortunately, C19 put the block on it.
You've all been through similar in your service lives,I know it's a pain, but adapt and overcome !!
Can I wish you all the very best in this difficult time, Chin up, back straight and spit in its eye. and above all, stay safe.

A touch of spring from Battersea Park to raise your spirits! Forget the pigeons - spot the 5 Egyptian Geese goslings. I gather the 'parents' are the only pair in the park and that the last 'brood' was hatched in 2011 - so these babies are very special!! I send love to you all in these difficult times - we will weather the storm and have that party VERY soon! Anne xxx

Thinking of all my friends at the RHC who I very much miss from my regular weekly trips to the MTI. Look after yourselves, stay safe and I hope we can all meet before erelong ready for another quiz!
With all my best wishes,

hi also in Italy where I live it is a hard time ..we have been lockdown since mid march .I am a teacher and I am missing my students ... I don't like lessons on line . last summer my husband and I visited during a private tour your stunning place .we talked with some pensioners .our memories of that day help us to go on and stay strong . we don't know if this August we come to England but hope to see you again soon. hugs carla and roberto

I forgot to add, when I first met John we agreed to keep in touch and I said I’d write to him and Johns answer was ‘Write to me, can’t you bloody email me instead’

We’d like to say hello to the Chelsea Pensioners we meet at The World Conker Championships annually A special hello to John Riley, who we always cheers for as we always get knocked out of he competition before him, well I do, and then I can spend the time following John Looking forward to seeing you all there , one day.
Take care
Best wishes Annie and Bill

I did enjoy listening to the piece on Radio 4 a couple of weeks ago - and couldn't agree more with Leo Tighe that when this is over we shall all need "a bloody good party": we are raising our glasses to you all at the RH and looking forward to seeing you out and about again soon. Meanwhile - enjoy the wonderful Will Vann's music - stay safe and keep your spirits up! We are out of London at the moment and have been enjoying some lovely walks in local bluebell woods - you might enjoy seeing them … All the best.

While we're at home, feeling blue,
With not very much to do,
We're thinking warm thoughts of you,
Knowing that soon we shall see you too,
Filling our hearts with pride anew,
Gathering in coats of scarlet hue,
Standing for all that's fine and true.
Anne and Brian Wadsworth

To our friends at the Royal Hospital. We are thinking of you at this trying time and are full of admiration for the enormously positive spirit that you are showing. Not surprising given how special you all are - but good to see nonetheless! Thank you for all you have given to our country over so many years. Stay safe and look forward to seeing you again soon. Mel and Michelle Stride and family.

As the Queen said in her address to the nation "Better days will come". And they will! In the meantime, you don't have to worry about going shopping. My best wishes to you all - especially to Marjorie Cole and the other ladies.


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