Festivities begin at the Royal Hospital with the annual Stirring of the Christmas Pudding

4th December 2023

Kickstarting the Christmas festivities this year, our Chelsea Pensioners took part in the annual Stirring of the Christmas Pudding today. 

An annual event which dates back over 80 years, the stirring of the Christmas Pudding is a much-loved tradition at the Royal Hospital where Chelsea Pensioners and staff come together to mix the ingredients of this year's Christmas Pudding. 

It is a mighty mixture, starting with 2.8kg of flour and includes 70 eggs, 4.75kg of apples and a generous serving of brandy, sherry, and port. 

A table of Christmas Pudding ingredients including a bowl of cherries, flour, port, sherry and Guinness

The Chelsea Pensioner singing group welcomed everyone into the Great Hall with a collection of favourite Christmas songs. The Pensioners and staff then took it in turns to add ingredients into a giant mixing bowl, which the catering team then prepare for all Chelsea Pensioners to enjoy over the Christmas period. 

Chelsea Pensioner, Anne said she loves the eccentricity of the tradition and for Tony, it reminds him of his childhood. Colin also commented:

I love the fellowship and camaraderie of it all. Everyone joins in the carol signing and then when it comes to the mixing of the pudding, you feel like you’ve had some part in the making of it.”

Following the mixing of the pudding, everyone enjoyed a festive sing-along, with the occasion ending with a rendition of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. 

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