Gareth Southgate visits the Royal Hospital to kick off Remembrance

9th November 2021

We were delighted to welcome Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate to the Royal Hospital recently, to mark the start of our Remembrance commemorations. 

Gareth Southgate Meets the Chelsea Pensioners

Gareth met a number of our Pensioners, including Paul Whittick, Carol Knight, Monica Parrot and Dave Godwin. He also joined in with the Chelsea Pensioners’ very own podcast, Radio Banter, where he chose the Waterboys’ song The Whole of the Moon. 

Gareth Southgate joins the Radio Banter broadcast

The Chelsea Pensioners were delighted to meet Gareth – and he expressed just how impressed he was by the care and quality of life the veterans enjoy in our close-knit community: 

“I have to say it was an amazing experience… to see how well looked after everybody who lives there was, was something to behold. To be able to sit and chat, laugh and have my leg pulled by the ex-soldiers, it was quite humbling really, because you know what they’ve given of their lives for our country. While they were serving, they would’ve been at an age similar to our players now and many would also have had similar backgrounds.”

Gareth Southgate Meets the Chelsea Pensioners

Gareth Southgate Meets the Chelsea Pensioners


Gareth Southgate Meets the Royal Hospital Chaplain

Gareth Southgate Meets the Royal Hospital Chaplain

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Chelsea Pensioner Centenarians
100 years old and still going strong

Recent research backs up the anecdote that Chelsea Pensioners not only live considerably longer than their peers outside (by over five years, on average), but that their lifetimes once they come to the Royal Hospital are extending, year on year. This strongly suggests that the care and community here contribute to greater longevity – as well as improving quality of life. 

Dick Turpin
Highwaymen, Jacobites and the Chelsea Patrol

From delivering post, to guiding visitors around our historic site, the Chelsea Pensioners can choose to take on a number of different jobs while living at the Royal Hospital. One of the more unusual roles previously adopted by Pensioners was as a member of the Chelsea Patrol; a London garrison stationed between the Royal Hospital and St James’ Palace to deter against criminal activity and protect the city against the growing threat posed by the Jacobite movement.


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