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NameDOBDOEDODRegiment / Corps
Henry Edward Whitaker06/09/191913/09/199901/10/2021Border Regiment
John McNaughton02/09/192826/04/201013/09/2021Parachute Regiment
Malcom Jones18/07/193822/09/201410/09/2021Coldstream Guards
Bernard John Hobbs01/04/193414/12/202028/08/2021Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Keith Frederick Brunger03/08/192720/06/200519/07/2021Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Cecil William Maurice Hunt BEM25/10/193416/12/201311/07/2021Bleus and Royals
David Arthur Vincent Jackson09/10/193721/05/200703/07/2021Army Air Corps
William Murdock17/12/194005/11/200726/06/2021Parachute Regiment
Aubrey James Seville27/01/192511/09/201723/06/2021Border Regiment
Anthony Stewart Hunter12/10/194118/01/201621/06/2021Coldstream Guards
Kenneth Swann Macdonald04/11/193225/04/201818/05/2021Royal Artillery
Robert Henry Leece11/10/192522/06/201518/05/2021King's Regiment
William Henry Bullick31/01/194723/12/201201/05/2021Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Stanley Pepper18/08/192024/01/200031/03/2021Parachute Regiment
Dennis Muir22/07/193624/05/201620/02/2021Royal Artillery
James Richard Jones16/08/192208/06/200918/02/2021Royal Army Medical Corps
Robert Prentice Suttie15/07/193701/06/201531/01/202114th / 20th King's Hussars
John Frederick Sanderson09/09/193317/02/202024/01/2021Royal Signals
Frederick Dennis Rook BEM21/06/19264/03/201318/01/2021Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
John William Clissold17/09/193729/07/201909/01/2021Royal Green Jackets
William Wingate05/04/194705/07/201707/01/2021Royal Signals
Alfred Rennie Simpson05/10/192701/09/201424/12/2020Royal Signals
Robert Harper25/03/193716/01/201213/12/2020Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Stanley William Fuller26/10/193224/10/200510/12/2020Royal Engineers
James Cole Grieve31/03/193618/12/201724/11/2020Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Arthur Ronald Ellis11/10/191823/04/201211/11/2020Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Kenneth McConchie31/07/193718/01/201005/10/2020Royal Artillery
Robert Joseph Peart26/11/192726/10/200916/09/2020Royal Engineers
Cecil Franklin Robbings30/05/192622/07/201320/08/2020Royal Signals
Terence Jospeh Abbott27/07/194628/05/201327/07/2020Royal Army Dental Corps


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Ranelagh Gardens & Rotunda
From prehistoric marsh to a college that never opened – uncovering the story of our site

The Royal Hospital dates back to the late 17th century, but the story of the land where it stands has been traced back still further. Research from the Museum of London Archaeology has thrown light on the site’s varied past.

Salisbury Court Gardens - Royal Hospital Chelsea
Royal Hospital's Hidden Show Garden

This year a new garden was successfully installed in Salisbury Court, the private courtyard within the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary.


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