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NameDOBDOEDODRegiment / Corps
Raymond Pearse Huggins MBE22/03/192813/06/201113/05/2022Grenadier Guards
Sydney Charles Batten04/05/192718/10/201709/05/2022Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
James Alexander Nicholson14/06/193012/10/200906/05/2022Military Provost Staff Corps
Martin Dominic Geary16/08/193918/01/201015/04/2022Royal Corps of Transport
Joseph Dolan04/01/193212/07/201027/03/2022Royal Army Medical Corps
Arthur Cyril Bisson15/01/192214/09/200926/03/2022Royal Military Police
Frederick Charles Abraham22/05/193806/08/201212/03/2022Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Christopher Francis Ashmore08/07/194817/05/202105/03/2022Royal Tank Regiment
Fred Ellis Andrews08/08/192122/07/200202/03/20225 Inniskilling Dragoon Guards
Victor Lawrence Haywood02/09/193219/06/201727/02/2022Royal Signals
Audrey Joy Linda Merton BEM17/11/193015/08/201126/02/2022Women's Royal Army Corps
James Andrew Hawtree26/07/194404/10/201029/10/2021Royal Corps of Transport
Roy Henry Knight26/06/192810/07/201717/01/2022Royal Fusiliers
Leo Patrick Tighe BEM30/04/194325/01/201614/01/2022Irish Guards
James Walter Fellows31/08/192924/10/201110/01/2022South Staffordshire Regiment
Carl Gordon Hayhurst13/09/193606/03/201720/12/2021Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Richard George James20/02/193722/02/201619/12/2021Parachute Regiment
Gordon Leslie Sanders04/10/193605/01/200918/12/2021Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Frederick Charles Bolwell11/02/192906/07/201519/11/2021Royal Tank Regiment
John Henry Cuthbert27/09/192214/03/201110/11/2021Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Raymond Alfred Adams26/08/194311/05/201509/11/2021Royal Artillery
Sidney Wilson06/04/194201/12/201508/11/2021Parachute Regiment
Henry Edward Whitaker06/09/191913/09/199901/10/2021Border Regiment
John McNaughton02/09/192826/04/201013/09/2021Parachute Regiment
Malcom Jones18/07/193822/09/201410/09/2021Coldstream Guards
Bernard John Hobbs01/04/193414/12/202028/08/2021Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Keith Frederick Brunger03/08/192720/06/200519/07/2021Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Cecil William Maurice Hunt BEM25/10/193416/12/201311/07/2021Bleus and Royals
David Arthur Vincent Jackson09/10/193721/05/200703/07/2021Army Air Corps
William Murdock17/12/194005/11/200726/06/2021Parachute Regiment


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Brompton Cemetery Seed Sowing
Sowing wildflowers in memory of past Chelsea Pensioners

On 6 May, Chelsea Pensioners and members of the Royal Hospital’s grounds team joined representatives from the Royal Parks, the Royal Parks Guild and the Friends of Brompton Cemetery to sow a patch of wildflower seeds in Brompton Cemetery as part of the Battlefields and Butterflies initiative.

Chelsea Pensioner Centenarians
100 years old and still going strong

Recent research backs up the anecdote that Chelsea Pensioners not only live considerably longer than their peers outside (by over five years, on average), but that their lifetimes once they come to the Royal Hospital are extending, year on year. This strongly suggests that the care and community here contribute to greater longevity – as well as improving quality of life. 


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