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NameDOBDOEDODRegiment / Corps
Stanley Pepper18/08/192024/01/200031/03/2021Parachute Regiment
Dennis Muir22/07/193624/05/201620/02/2021Royal Artillery
James Richard Jones16/08/192208/06/200918/02/2021Royal Army Medical Corps
Robert Prentice Suttie15/07/193701/06/201531/01/202114th / 20th King's Hussars
John Frederick Sanderson09/09/193317/02/202024/01/2021Royal Signals
Frederick Dennis Rook BEM21/06/19264/03/201318/01/2021Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
John William Clissold17/09/193729/07/201909/01/2021Royal Green Jackets
William Wingate05/04/194705/07/201707/01/2021Royal Signals
Alfred Rennie Simpson05/10/192701/09/201424/12/2020Royal Signals
Robert Harper25/03/193716/01/201213/12/2020Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Stanley William Fuller26/10/193224/10/200510/12/2020Royal Engineers
James Cole Grieve31/03/193618/12/201724/11/2020Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Arthur Ronald Ellis11/10/191823/04/201211/11/2020Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Kenneth McConchie31/07/193718/01/201005/10/2020Royal Artillery
Robert Joseph Peart26/11/192726/10/200916/09/2020Royal Engineers
Cecil Franklin Robbings30/05/192622/07/201320/08/2020Royal Signals
Terence Jospeh Abbott27/07/194628/05/201327/07/2020Royal Army Dental Corps
Charles George Skipper08/12/192320/09/201624/07/2020Royal Army Service Corps
Alfred Hall08/04/194527/07/201511/07/2020Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Albert Willis20/05/193514/03/201130/06/2020Royal Northumberlan Fusiliers
George Horace Norman Parsons10/08/191913/08/201823/06/2020Royal Fusiliers
William Jeffery03/02/192813/02/200616/06/202013th / 18th Royal Hussars
James Alexander McGuiness01/02/193812/07/200427/05/2020Royal Military Police
Joseph Victor Herman04/01/193015/06/201506/05/2020Royal Engineers
Frank Joseph Newbold14/01/193207/01/200224/04/2020Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Patrick Hogan06/07/192230/10/201522/04/2020Irish Guards
Robin Walter Garvan20/09/193103/12/201220/04/202015th/19th The King's Royal Hussars
Pauline Josephine Franklin09/12/191913/06/201420/04/2020Auxiliary Territorial Service
Alan Thubron30/12/193818/08/201416/04/2020Army Catering Corps
Stanley Paul Atkinson29/11/193320/07/200914/04/2020Army Catering Corps


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HRH, The Prince Philip - Duke of Edinburgh Painting
Chelsea Pensioners share recollections of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

The Royal Hospital Chelsea community continues to send our thoughts and condolences to the Royal Family at this difficult time. Many of our Chelsea Pensioners were fortunate enough to meet HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at the Royal Hospital’s Founder’s Day celebrations or through his other official duties.

Infirmary Bombing
Remembering the Soane Infirmary bombing

Today marks 80 years following the bombing of the Royal Hospital’s Infirmary during the Second World War. The magnificent Infirmary, which once stood on the current site of the National Army Museum, was hit by a parachute bomb on 16 April 1941 – destroying most of the building and tragically ending the lives of 13 people.


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