“The Royal Hospital is a unique blend of national heritage, royal patronage and military tradition, forged over 330 years, whose exemplar model of care and wellbeing for ordinary soldiers remains as central to its purpose as when first conceived, and whose influence on the history of Chelsea is profound.”  

Join the Chelsea Pensioner led tour for a warm and welcoming visit to the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The tour tells the story of the 330-year history of the Hospital, taking in the splendour of the Grade I and II listed buildings, inclusive of artistic masterpieces. The tour will bring to life the long-standing ambassadorial role of the Chelsea Pensioners, inclusive of anecdotal personal stories of their time at the Hospital.  

The Royal Hospital Chelsea offers Chelsea Pensioner led tours for individuals and very small groups. For groups of 10 or more, please continue to book through our Guided Group Tours page. The Guided Individual Tour is for individuals or small groups who wish to book a guided tour by a Chelsea Pensioner. Advanced booking is still required, please visit our Eventbrite page for full listings.

Tours are 90 minutes in duration, followed by time to explore the Museum and Gift Shop. The tour route takes groups across the length of the site to visit its main attractions including The Great Hall, Chapel and Figure Court. A site map can be viewed by clicking here.

Tour Prices
The cost of each tour is £15.00 per person, and this includes a visit to our museum and shop. Please note, we do not operate in conjunction with any private tour companies or providers and fees are as stated on this website. Tickets for the Guided Individual Tours are purchased through Eventbrite. The Hospital reserves the right to turn away any visitors who are more than 30 minutes late and have failed to communicate this. The Royal Hospital Chelsea reserves the right to cancel tours if necessary.  

How to book:
Tickets are purchased via Eventbrite. For any assistance, please contact us directly to discuss at tours@chelsea-pensioners.org.uk.  The Hospital reserves the right to turn away any visitors who are more than 30 minutes late and have failed to communicate this.  

The site of the Royal Hospital Chelsea is 66 Acres and although not all of this is accessible to the public there is still a large amount of walking to view the key areas of site. There are 10 steps up to both the Chapel and Great Hall, both of which are fitted with wheelchair lifts. Please let a member of security know if you require use of the wheelchair lift. Motorised buggies are not permitted on the wheelchair lift.

We are first and foremost a residence so please be respectful when walking around the site. Areas that are not accessible to the public are clearly signposted as residents and staff only.

Contact Us: 
Please email tours@chelsea-pensioners.org.uk for further information on Military and Civilian Tours.

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